Fairs & Exhibitions

One of our main attentions is to be able to come into personal contact with the people that supports us and to make our products more popular in every home that cares about good and pure quality of their nutrition.

This is why every year we are given the chance through various exhibitions to meet with old partners and also get to know new future customers.

Below you can take a peak of some participations we had in such exhibitions.

Past Events

We want to thank the thousands of people who came to our stand in the International Exhibition Food Expo 2019 and whom we had the pleasure to meet and who got a taste of our creations. We remain faithful to tradition and high quality and we will be waiting for all of you in the next event! Stay tuned for more!

Food Expo 2019

We become better by the year and with with every exhibition that we take part in we receive more experience in our relationship with our clients.

We sense the beat of our clients and we innovate based on their feedback.

Food Expo 2019 has been our 8th consequent successful participation in international fairs. Its always a great opportunity for us to keep alive aour touch with new and seasoned clients.

Market Expo 2018

We were present once again in the Market Expo 2018.

This was a targeted exhibition to super market and mini market owners. We reconected with familiar faces as we also met new ones.

With every new exhibition we give more gravity to the correct presentation of our products to our customers.

Self Service Excellence Awards 2018

We were awarded with the honorary "Excellent Supplier of Greek Agricultural Products" in the Self Service Excellence Awards 2018.

The awards committee gave the chance to large super markets to propose suppliers of agricultural products with whom they have excellent cooperation and how support the local market.

The awards are organized and nominated by the magazine "Self Service" of Boussias Communications and the ELTRUN-The E-Business Research Center of the Economics University of Athens.

Food Expo 2018

Food Expo is a worldwide "festival" with everything about food and we were there once more.

The direct contact with old and new clients gives the appropriate feedback for what we need; Step-by-step, upwards progress.

Our stand is expanding every year in style and with new products to present.

Supermarket - Mini Market - Kiosk 2017

We deciced to take place in a younger and smaller exhibition named Supermarket, Mini Market & Kiosk.

Because of its small size the people that passed from our booth were more targeted and showed a large interest in our products.

Once more we have enlarged the accessibility of our products through distribution companies and retail store owners.

Artoza 2017

We successfuly participated in the Internation Exhibition of Bakery and Pastry Artoza 2017 for the third time.

We every participation we take in internation exhibitions we become more experienced, knowledgeable and popular by spreading our products tastes to the world.

We closed deals and made handshakes with new partners once more in this exhibition.

Food Expo 2016

Our next stop was Food Expo 2016 where we gave a dynamic presentation of our company and our products.

Our booths traffic was in high levels leaving the best of impressions.

We introduced 5 new flavors of petit-four and cookies and we were congradulated from domestic and foreign producers and businessmen.

Artoza 2015

In 2015 our kiosk in the 14th Artoza became bigger, more beautiful and with a larger variety of products.

We reinforced our public relations with interested parties direct communication as a center point, presenting what we love and create.

With more than 50 kinds of cookies, brioche and petit-four we attracted thousands of visitors.

Artoza 2011

In 2011 we participated in one of the largest international bakery exhibitions in Greece, Artoza.

Through this fair we opened new horizons of Agno Katerinis enterpreneual part with briliant cooperation both in and out of Greece.

We shared knowledge and left the best of impressions to more than 5000 visits in our kiosk.