For over 30 years our sweets captivate your senses with their tasty texture and our high quality craftsmanship.

Keeping alive the tradition that was passed down to us from our ancestors, our recipies have as their founding stone pure quality ingredients. Based on those recipies, we build the future of our company by expanding our catalogue with more than 50 new sweets.

The different tastes and textures of our sweets provide the best experience for the delight of your everyday coffee. Our great variety in petit-four, sweet brioche and cookies can satisfy even the most demanding palates.

We strongly believe in quality excellence because our sweets are embraced not only by your children but by our children aswell. Our basic traits are love for what we do, passion and tradition.

From our ovens to your home

We provide everyday production so that we can deliver fresh brioche and delicious coffee sweets.


Our products

We believe in the power of specialization. Our company creates with love, care and the best ingredients, sweet brioche, cookies and petit-four.


Our sweet brioche, fresh, fluffy and delicious is the best choice for your breakfast or your sweet snack. We bake it in rounds, straights, large or even small sizes so that you can take it with you for a quick snack at work or at school.


The petit-four is a sweet for you coffee or your favorite beverage. We bake them in a large variety of shapes and tastes for your morning or evening indulgence. With 30 different petit-fours you wont know which one to go for.


We bake more than 40 different recipies for cookies. Sweet, salty, with sesame or raisins, chocolate chips and even for people who fast. Our cookies are the ideal beverage offering.

We say the sweetest good morning!

We at your disposal for any kind of information that may require regarding our products. We will be very happy to exchange with you the sweetest good morning.